Cheems, the Shiba Inu Viral Meme dog, Passes Away

Cheems shiba inu meme dog passed away

In a heartrending announcement on Saturday, August 19, 2023, the internet community mourned the loss of Cheems, the iconic Shiba Inu from the world of internet memes. This cherished dog, who brought joy and laughter to countless people through his endearing presence, battled against leukemia since December 2022. Despite the overwhelming support from his devoted … Read more

Best Star Wars Baby Yoda Dog Costume Review

Star Wars Baby Yoda Dog Costume

Star Wars fans rejoice! Now you can dress up your beloved furry friend as the wise and powerful Yoda with the Star Wars Classic Yoda Pet Costume. This officially licensed costume allows your pet to join in the fun and become part of the Star Wars universe. Let’s dive into the details of this adorable … Read more

Best Star Wars Chewbacca Dog Costume Review

Chewbacca Dog Costume

Are you a Star Wars fan who wants to include your furry friend in the galactic fun? Look no further than the Rubie’s Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie Pet Costume. This officially licensed pet costume allows your beloved dog to transform into the loyal Wookiee warrior companion of Han Solo. Let’s delve into the details of … Read more

The Top Tips for Treating Your Dog’s Sleep Disorders

Treating Your Dog's Sleep Disorders

As a pet owner, you know how important it is for your dog to get a good night’s sleep. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from sleep disorders that can impact their health and overall well-being. However, identifying and treating sleep disorders in dogs can be challenging, and it’s essential to understand the symptoms and … Read more

Anise for Dogs: Aniseed Ball Review

Aniseed balls have been enjoyed by humans for generations, but did you know that they can also be a delightful treat for dogs? In this comprehensive review, we will explore the Corner Sweet Shop’s Aniseed Balls, their flavor, nutritional benefits, and why they make an excellent choice for your furry companion. Discover how these aniseed … Read more

Do Pomskies Shed? Best Grooming Guide

Pomsky and shedding

Are you considering adopting a Pomsky but wondering do pomskies shed? Rest assured, Pomskies do shed, but with some proper grooming and care, you can control it. Pomskies are a mixed breed of Pomeranian and Siberian Husky, both of which are known for their shedding tendencies. They are medium to heavy-shedding dogs that shed throughout … Read more

How much Benadryl for dogs? Dosage Chart included

dog benadryl

Benadryl for dogs is also the savior of many allergy-stricken humans. But what about our furry friends? Can we trust this over-the-counter drug to alleviate their symptoms as well? I can assure you that Benadryl is indeed safe for dogs and cats, and it’s a go-to medication for many veterinarians. Summer holidays can be a … Read more

Can dogs eat cereal? Beware of dangers!

Can dogs eat cinnamon cereal

Can dogs eat cereals? If you are in search of answer to this question then you are welcome to the world of canine nutrition! As a dog owner, you want the best for your furry friend, and that includes their diet. While dogs are primarily carnivorous, some of them do enjoy a treat or two … Read more

Central Park Puppies: Hold on a second!

Central park puppies breed

Central Park Puppies is a New York-based breeder that specializes in finding the perfect furry friend for your family. They have a mission to bring puppies and families together to foster happy memories. The team at Central Park Puppies offers resources and support. Also to aid in the transition of welcoming a new puppy into … Read more

Smart Dog Dallas: Tragic Dog Death Leads to Outrage

Smart dog dallas halloween

Smart Dog Dallas, a popular dog boarding and daycare facility in the Dallas area has come under fire recently. On April 19th, 2023, a heartbreaking incident occurred at the Smart dog dallas. A dog named Drake was killed while under the care of the facility, leaving his owner and many others devastated. The incident has … Read more

How to Teach Your Dog to Chill: Tips and Tricks for a Calm and Well-Behaved Canine


Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior Teaching your dog to chill needs good understanding of your dog’s behavior, personality and breed tendencies. Certain breeds, such as working or herding dogs, may have a harder time relaxing due to their natural instincts. Additionally, dogs may have trouble relaxing due to anxiety, lack of exercise or mental stimulation, or … Read more

Heinz 57 dogs breed: what are they?

Golden retriever heinz 57

Heinz 57 dogs” refers to mixed breed dogs, also known as mongrels, which have ancestry from two different breeds or more. The term “Heinz 57” comes from the famous H.J. Heinz slogan – “57 varieties” – which referred to the number of products the company produced. In a similar vein, the “Heinz 57” term has … Read more